Monday, 12 February 2018

Colorista Denimhair

I love to change my hair colour time to time. I am happy to try any colours. Blue is one of my favourite colours so of course I have said “yes” when L’Oreal La Belle Famille asked me to try Colorista #denimhair. This hair dye is designed for brunets, it is nearly invisible on black hair and they advise do not use on blonde, but it is fine even on brown ombre and highlights.

I had brown-red colour so I was really excited to try my new long wear #denimhair. Application was very easy and quick, because there is only one tube of the colour and you do not need to mix any components. There are 2 pairs of gloves in the box, but I advise you to use your own pair, because all my gloves ripped during the activity.
After 30 minutes I had a new custom made hair colour what I really enjoy. I think, it also totally suits my age. This hair colour is not even for young rebels.
L’Oreal Colorista contains very intensive pigments. It means, the colour lasts long, even 10-20 shampoos. It fades nicely, absolutely does not give you weary look. Even be cautious by first 2-3 hair washing and use the shower instead of bath tube. If accidentally your ears or neck remain blue use L’Oreal Fine Flower Cleansing Toner.
I love my new hair colour and even the quality of my hair is better and smoother. I can only recommend L’Oreal Colorista.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Seven Seas Cocoa & Orange Porridge

Home Tester Club sent me one bottle of Seven Seas Omega-3 Daily Smoothie Style Liquid to try. This product is a healthy mix of Omega-3 Fish Oil Plus and Cod Liver Oil – all from natural sources. Luckily it comes in Orange Flavour and it is surprisingly tasty. I can enjoy it off the spoon as a substitution of fish oil capsules or add to smoothies, shakes, porridge or yoghurt. Seven Seas Simply Timeless is my daily dosage of sunshine and mood booster, because it is rich Vitamin D. Seven Seas Omega-3 Daily Smoothie Style Liquid is tasty and healthy, I really do not want to get more of a food supplement.

Try my yummy, quick and easy Seven Seas Cocoa & Orange Porridge recipe.

-40g porridge oats
-1 small can of mandarin conserve with juice (save some fruits to decorate)
-1 small pack of chocolate buttons (save some buttons to decorate)
-8g of raw cocoa powder

Simply mix all the ingredients together and microwave on max for 3-4 minutes. Stir occasionally to prevent boiling over.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Bounce It!

I love to have big and beautiful curly hair but it is extremely hard to find the right hair care products, which preserve curls, long lasting, fights against humidity, controls frizz and enhance my hair’s natural shine. Luckily L’Oreal La Belle Famille panel sent me a bottle of Stylista – The Curl Tonic Hairstyling Spray to try out.

This product totally convinced me. L’Oreal Stylista has all of the attributes mentioned above. It is worth to try it out. It has a water-like consistency what I spray on my damp hair. I scrunch hair with my hands and use a diffuser to dry. L’Oreal Stylista dries quickly and the consistency is not sticky. So easy and pleasant to use, has even a nice fragrance. The result is always perfect, because Stylista does not weigh my hair down or make it frizzy. My curls look natural because this product is alcohol-free. Hair styling is an enjoyment with Stylista. Even updos are easier to style and hold perfectly.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New Year...No Stress

My first blog post this year is a guest post. I persuaded my partner, Thomas, to take part in L’Oreal’s new product test panel: Expert Test Drive. They have projects only for men.

Thomas has got his first invitation on his 40th birthday so the Expert Test Drive started perfectly. The biggest bonus is, he loved both products very much – me too, I adore lush smelling grooming products for men.

“I tried L’Oreal Men Expert Stress Resist Roll On Deo, because I loved the fragrance. I can imagine wearing a perfume with similar scent. My partner also loves this very lightly fruity, rather woody  and fresh fragrance on me. The fragrance is long-lasting, I can even smell this masculine scent after a stressful and long day without reapply. I am really satisfied with L’Oreal Men Expert Stress Resist 48HR. The consistency of this deodorant is light, non-greasy, absorbs & dries quickly. Luckily does not contain alcohol, so does not irritates my skin after shaving. I like even the very distinctive red tube – easy to spot on shelves.”

L’Oreal Men Expert Stress Resist Shower Gel was crafted definitely for me, because contains French wine extract. This shower gel provides perfect relaxing for any men. The fragrance is pleasant, but masculine with woody and fruity notes. I use Stress Resist Shower Gel even on my face and beard. It does not dry my skin. I love, that I do not need to use three different products because my XL size shower gel solves all my problems. We men love simple but perfect things.”

Monday, 25 December 2017

Quick Skin Fixes

L’Oreal test panel, La Belle Famille sent me some essential make-up products to try just in right time. Around Christmas I often struggle to find enough time to make a perfect make-up and also remove it properly after a long and stressful day. L’Oreal Infallible range is the best solution for busy and tired ladies. It helps to hide tiredness, it is long lasting and easy to remove with cleansing milk and toner. My favourite cleansers are Fine Flowers by L’Oreal.

I love to use primers, those clever products play extremely important part in my daily make-up routine. If I do not have time to use foundation I just put on some Anti Fatigue Infallible Primer. It contains apricot pigments to hide dullness and fatigue. The colour of my face livens up and I look like somebody, who got 9 hours good night’s sleep. Anti Fatigue Infallible Primer has a light colour so I do not need to use any extra foundation, but of course, I can, if I want.

Mattify is L’Oreal’s best Infallible Primer to wear underneath my foundation. It looks like a light cream and I have to use it in very thin layer with my fingertips. It absorbs excess oil and hides enlarged pores. Brilliant product. With Mattifying Infallible Primer my foundation holds longer and do not become shiny.

There are 3 more finishes in L’Oreal Infallible Primer range:
-Luminizing with-ultra fine pearl pigments to enhance the complexion
-AntiRedness with green micro pigments to neutralise red tones
-Pore Refining to hide skin imperfections

L’Oreal Infallible Blush Stick always helps me to look better and full of energy, even after a long night. I use Nude in a Rose, and this colour looks so natural on me. I use it every day, because it is just a second to put on and holds perfectly during the whole day. This creamy, super-blendable formula is extremely easy and mess free to use. I swear, Infallible Blush and Strobe Sticks are L’Oreal’s best make-up products. I am so glad, I gave it a try.

L’Oreal Infallible Shaping Stick Foundation is super versatile. I can use this ultra-creamy, no compromise formula as a foundation, a concealer or to highlight and contour. There are 12 colour to choose from and make perfect YouTube make-up star videos.

I always have my rose beige stick in my handbag for quick makeup fixes. I think, the best attribution of Infallible Shaping Sticks is that these help me to achieve shine-free look, without using any extra layer of powder. I love quick make-up solutions especially when I am short in time.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Refreshment Revolution

Sometimes I find soft drinks too sweet and absolutely not refreshing. Not only sugary ones (I drink those before exercise to boost my energy – really helpful) but even with sweeteners. Often soft drink with sweeteners are even worse. I drink those and I still feel thirsty, with dry mouth. I always dreamt about a nice flavoured, fruity soft drink with almost no calories and without sugar or sweeteners. These criteria appear quite contrary, but with Perrier it is possible. The refreshment revolution is here!

The Insiders review panel sent me two cartons of Perrier natural sparkling water with natural flavours to try.

After reading the ingredients lists I was really surprised because Perrier soft drinks absolutely do not contain any sweeteners or sugar just a hint of natural green apple or lemon flavour. I cannot imagine healthier and more guilt free soft drinks. Boring, flavourless water become flavoured with no added nastiness– fantastic. Luckily, flavours are not overpowering, just a nice light fruity feeling in my mouth. I love it!

Refreshment is guaranteed with big bubbles - fortified with gas from the Spring.

I always have one 6 pack in my fridge, because Perrier flavoured drinks are the best during and after my exercises, running, cycling and even on long walks or on the go. Perrier always satisfies my sweet cravings. Green Apple is my favourite flavour.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Ageless Skin

I was invited to take part in new Super Savvy Me project, called Olay Total Effects 7in1. In this fantastic project I tested Olay Total Effects 7n1 Anti-Ageing Day Cream. It is very important to prevent ageing of your skin and start to use anti-ageing skincare products after 25 years old. Remember, prevention is always more effective than cure. If you struggle to find time for more complicate beauty regime, Olay Total Effects are the best anti-ageing skincare for you. Just cleanse your face and massage a small layer of Olay Total Effects Day Cream into your skin. Focus on the three key points: the eye contour area, the jaw-line and the neck. Olay Total Effects moisturises and hydrates your skin perfectly without greasy feeling. It is perfect to apply under my foundation and powder. It keeps my face young and healthy looking during the whole day.

I love Olay products since I first tried those. I have to use high quality skin care on my dry skin to prevent ageing. Unfortunately dry skin ages earlier compared to other skin types. Luckily I love my skin care regime and I never miss a day. I am sure, I would look different without my daily beauty habits and favourite skin care products, like Olay Total Effects. I have even my future beauty plans: I will never ever go out without UVA/UVB protection. Luckily, Olay Total Effects Anti-Ageing Day Cream contains SPF15. Have you known, Olay was the first mass-market skincare brand to offer anti-oxidants and UVA/UVB protection?

Olay Total Effects range is unique because contains VitaNiacin. This formula contains Vitamin B3, Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5. We can find even green tea extracts to protect skin cells against free radical damage.

The whole Olay Total Effects range:
-OlayTotal Effects 7in1 Anti-Ageing Instant Smoothing Serum – smart approach to younger and healthier looking skin that feels as smooth as silk.
-Olay Total Effects Night Firming Moisturiser – multiple age-defying solution for younger looking skin.
-Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream – The skin around eyes is more delicate than on face. Always apply eye cream around your eyes instead of face cream to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. (This eye cream is already on my shopping list.)

What 7in1 means?
One Olay Total Effects product can fight all the seven signs of ageing:
1. Smoothes
2. Evens Tone
3. Brightens
4. Refines the Look of Pores
5. Reduces Age Spots and Wrinkle’s Appearance
6. Restore Firmness
7. Moisturises

Of course, there are even more tips and tricks to slow down ageing besides Olay Total Effects. I am sure, you already know some among them. Consume less refined sugar, but eat plenty of fruit. Consume less salt. Start your days with hot water instead of coffee. And exercise! I realised, my skin cleanses itself during a good, sweaty run. Be careful do not clog your pores with make-up during exercise just apply Olay Total Effects Day Cream before.