Thursday, 15 June 2017

Life is Rosy

I am very surprised, Garnier Rose Water Cleansing Milk is so gentle and removes all my makeup perfectly. I have dry and sensitive skin and must be very careful with cleansing products. Rose Water Cleansing Milk fits with my skin type perfectly.

I love my everyday moisturiser. Garnier Rose Water Moisturiser is an amazing thirst-quenching day cream for my dry skin. My face is totally refreshed after each application. I use it every morning, but sometimes I reapply during the day. This botanical day cream is the best product to moisturise my dry and sensitive skin.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Perfect Fit

Mars Petcare Sampling Programme sent us a bag of Perfect Fit dry cat food to try and give my honest opinion about this new product.
The first impression was really good. When I opened my parcel my cat, Muzu, was extremely excited. This means Perfect Fit dry cat food has very mouth-watering aroma – not for me, but for my picky cat, who always prefers wet food before dry. This dry food is different, because smells really good.

I ordered Perfect Fit Salmon flavour, because my cat prefers fish. She only eats food she loves and luckily she loved Perfect Fit Salmon for Adult cats. She enjoyed chewing on those little triangle shaped cat biscuits. I definitely will repurchase.

I am satisfied with Perfect Fit as well – I always check health benefits. I prefer cat food which helps maintain healthy gums and teeth. Maintaining strong muscles is essential too, because Muzu is very playful. Loves to run, jump and catch moths and butterflies. Perfect Fit fits perfectly to her needs.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Revitalift Laser Renew

Summer is approaching so we can enjoy sunshine again but we should shield skin from sun damage. With ageing our skin gets sun damage and pigmentation easier. Prevention gets more and more important so I started to use L’Oreal revitalift-laser-renew-spf20 with UVA/UVB protection. La Belle Famille product test & review panel sent me one pot of this fantastic anti-ageing day cream to try. I was shocked because the result was visible immediately. My skin became firmer and visibly younger after first application. I have fine lines and dull skin and I am in targeted age – after 30 years old. Revitalift-laser-renew-spf20 is suitable from 30 years old until 60.

Revitalift-laser-renew-spf20 day cream absorbs very quickly and has very lightweight consistency. It does not make my skin oily or shiny just softer. My skin tone more lively and brighter. This product does not just refirms my skin but even refines with gentle exfoliator formula. I advise you to massage revitalift-laser-renew-spf20 into the skin in circular motions to increase the effectiveness. The result is amazing.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Summer Nails

When the summer is approaching I start to wear more colourful clothes, accessories and nails. Elegant Touch Insiders panels let me try two of their fantastic colourful nail creations: Express Pink Foil and Express Neon Roses.

My first choice was the Express Neon Roses creation. I love these neon pink, yellow, orange and blue roses on white base. These are colourful but fine as well. I am so happy to wear these beautiful nails. Second best thing is that these are express preglued artificial nails. First I prepare my own natural nails with Prep Wipe then I peel the foil and press preglued artificial nails. My manicure takes approximately 3 minutes and the result is professional.

Express Pink Foil is an abstract art nail creation. There are two different pink shades, black, silver and light purple patches. Excellent colour mixing. It goes well with any pink clothes but I am happy to wear it with other colours as well because it is not ostentatious. I am so happy with my three minute nails. These preglued nails are so easy and quick to use. These are long lasting as well. The pack contains everything what I need: 24 preglued nails in 10 different sizes, nail file, prep wipe and instruction leaflet. No stress; no mess just professional result.

QUECHUA ARPENAZ sent me Decathlon voucher to buy Arpenaz 10 Backpack Quechua to try and review. It is a 10l hiking or city backpack. I live active life (running, cycling, skating and hiking) so this small backpack is perfect for me. I love it, it is better as I expected. My new Quechua Arpenaz backpack is light & spacious, very comfortable. It has extremely good quality and the price is shocking good. I think everybody need one Arpenaz 10 Backpack. You can choose from eight different colours. I like black accessories so mine is black, but the red one and the dark blue would be perfect for me as well. Maybe next time (wink).

I am sure I will take my new backpack to city breaks as well, because it looks casual and sporty equally. It is a smaller backpack so suitable for children too. Material is 100% Polyester and be careful because it is not waterproof.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Purina One - Tasty & Healthy

We have very good experience with Purina brand. They always invent healthy and tasty pet food. These two attributes are the most important for me when I choose cat food, because my cat, Muzu, is very picky and not a big foodie. She eats only what she finds tasty and leaves what she does not like. Poor me, sometimes it is very hard with her at mealtimes.

I was very happy when I saw, that The Insiders product test panel launches 3 weeks challenge for cats to try and report back experiences with Purina ONE dry cat food. Luckily we were chosen and our big parcel with 2 big bags and 3 small samples of dry cat food arrived some weeks ago.

I would like to find the right dry food for my cat to keep her teeth healthy. She is very picky cat. Luckily the first impressions were very good. She loves the smell of Purina One and she is happy to crunch on it. Purina One reduces tartar build-up by up to 40%. This is amazing! Our vet said lots of older cats have teeth problems so it is time to start to care more about Muzu’s oral health.

Purina One has extremely lots of benefits. It is rich in chicken and whole grains. My cat loves chicken so this flavour is perfect for her. I am very happy that there are not any artificial colourants, flavours and preservatives in this dry cat food. It is very important for me to avoid artificial things in my diet, also I do not want to feed my cat with nasties.
The ingredient in Purina ONE, which can make a big difference in cat’s digestion system is chicory root. It is even beneficial for us, indoor cat owners with cat litters too. Muzu’s stool is firmer and less smelly since she eats this fantastic cat food.
PurinaONE contains balanced minerals for healthy urinary tract. Minerals and vitamin D are responsible to keep my cat’s bones healthy. I would like to keep her healthy as long as possible. Omega 6 & 3 and vitamins maintain healthy coat. I noticed Muzu has more shiny coat since I fed her with this fantastic dry food.

Purina One claims: Visible health for today & tomorrow. It means, it supports cat’s natural defences by helping to support natural antibody production. Purina ONE Bifensis formula contains beneficial functional bacteria. If I support my healthy digestive system with probiotic drinks then I should support my cat’s healthy digestion with Purina ONE. I am the only one who is responsible for her health. We all would like to be healthy, energetic and enjoy long life together. Luckily Muzu is an active cat, loves to play, jump and run. I am very happy, that I have find the best dry cat food for her.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Elnett Satin

Spring is here so I prefer to spend more time outside. The weather is quite windy nowadays but I do not like to have messy and frizzy hair. My solution is L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin hair mousse and hairspray. La Belle Famille product review panel helped me to find these reliable hair styling products and sent me L’Oreal Paris Elnett Glam Waves Mousse and Elnett Glam Waves Supreme Hold Hairspray to try.

I use these products together daily:
I start with Elnett Glam Waves Mousse on my towel dried hair before blow dry. The consistency is nice and creamy. Totally prevents from frizz and leaves my hair soft and easy to manageable. My hair is bouncy & wavy and soft to touch. I love the light perfumed fragrance and light consistency.

I use Elnett Glam Waves Supreme Hold Hairspray after hair styling. I just prevent my hair style from wind with the help of Elnett Satin. I love the light fragrance and ultra-fine consistency. This product does not leave my hair sticky or my scalp greasy. Elnett Glam Waves Supreme Hold Hairspray is really light but holds strongly. It even protects my hair with Amla Oil extracts. This new formula helps me to have good hair day every day. I love my shiny and healthy waves.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Hydra Genius

I am so pleased that skin care industry focuses on hydration nowadays. L’Oreal Paris launched their first daily rehydrating liquid care for dry and sensitive skin. Thanks to La Belle Famille product test panel I have got a full size product to try and review.

Full size means a 70ml big bottle, because you are advised to use the product daily two times. The first impression was more than positive because L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Aloe Water comes in glass bottle with a pump. I love glass bottled and heavy skin care product – it means higher quality for me and love to see myself to use them. Pump is fantastic as well because it is clean; no mess; cream never goes under your nails. I am impressed with turquoise colour too. This bottle looks extremely high quality.

After examining the packaging I cannot wait to try the cream. L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Aloe Water has very pleasant fragrance – nice light Aloe Vera scent. It contains Aloe Vera Sap which helps maintain skin’s water reserves, rich in minerals and perfect moisturiser. The second most important ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid which founds naturally in the skin and can hold 1,000 times its weight in water. Summarising in one sentence, L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Aloe Water hydrates the skin (thanks Aloe Vera) and locks-in moisture for 72 hours (thanks extra Hyaluronic Acid). Do not worry, it cannot overload the skin. It is the chemistry behind this fantastic product and my experiences say the same: Yes, it works! My skin is so soft, healthy and hydrated. Anyway I have dry and sensitive skin. I should be very careful with skin care. But L’Oreal ParisHydra Genius Aloe Water pampers my skin. It absorbs very quickly because it has light water based consistency and one pump is totally enough to treat my face and neck.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Nail Art

I was lucky enough to get two huge boxes of Elegant Touch Totally Bare nails for free through Elegant Touch Insiders review panel. I love bare nails because these help you to become more creative. I have tried Elegant Touch Totally Bare 006 before, here is my previous review.

Elegant Touch Totally Bare 003 has longer stiletto shape. I like to wear this shape at occasions, dates and parties. It is really comfortable to wear but gives this extra wow factor. I love to do nail art so I love bare nails. I use How to? YouTube videos but sometimes I fail. Luckily there are 48 artificial nails in 10 sizes in the pack, so I can start again and try to be more perfect. First I decorate the nails and glue on totally dry nails later. It saves me time and I cannot smudge my perfect nail polish.

Elegant Touch Totally Bare 005 is short oval. Perfect shape for everyday wear. Nobody will realise you have artificial nails. These look just a perfectly manicured natural feminine nails. It is better to use nail warmish on artificial nails, because it last longer and remains chip free. Bare nails are like blank canvas, you can do with them anything. Just be imaginative – you have 48 nails in 10 shapes to be creative with your nail tools and polishes.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Daz Whites and Colours

I took part in Daz Savvycircle project on Supersavvyme website. This site is really helpful, with lots of advice, reviews, coupons and product tests. I was selected to take part in Daz Whites & Colours Laundry Detergent project. I loved this funny project and fantastic product.

Of course I will repurchase Daz, because the results are amazing. After 10 washes the difference is clear. My whites are crisp & colours are bright and I have to use only one laundry detergent. I was really interested how is this possible and why only Daz can do it?

Daz has a new formula. This detergent is bleach free so it is safe on colours but contains clean and bright amplifiers to ensure your whites shine bright. It is so easy to understand and believable.

I always hesitated where to put my striped tops; white T-shirts with colourful logos; white shirts with big and bold prints; neon & black fitness apparel and even my well-loved funny socks. Daz solved these big questions. I load all of these together and no more need to worry about dull whites and faded colours. Dazzling brights on both colours and whites.

Of course Daz is outstanding also in cleaning. I tested it on mud, grass, food and gritting salt. I am very satisfied with the results. My friends and family love Daz too, the fragrance is lush and also cleans perfectly. We all love this nice and long lasting scent – nothing too intensive or fancy just the smell of clean and freshly washed clothes. My freshly changed bedding is the most enjoyable!

I tried Daz Whites & Colours washing powder, but the Daz White & Colours range contains two more products:

-DazWhites & Colours 3 in 1 Pods – the even simpler way to wash. No more dosing required!

-DazWhites & Colours Liquid – my family’s favourite consistency of washing detergent.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Fine Flowers

I have dry and sensitive skin so finding the perfect face cleanser is one of the biggest challenge for me. Cleansers usually contain ingredients like tea tree, eucalyptus to achieving the best result. These ingredients work perfectly on normal skin and are absolute necessities for oily skin types. But dry and sensitive skin becomes flaky, itchy and even fine lines and wrinkles appear. Sometimes I should stop to use my new cleanser after first use, because my skin feels extremely uncomfortable.

L’Oreal’s new Fine Flowers cleansing range is for dry & sensitive skin. La Belle Famille panel sent me a cleanser milk and toner to try and review.
FineFlowers cleansing range contains Rose and Jasmine. These natural ingredients are perfect on dry and sensitive skin. Rose has soothing and comforting properties. Jasmine moisturises and protects.

I start with Fine Flowers cleansing milk to remove my makeup and any dirt from my pores. One pump is enough to clean my face and neck. I apply this gentle and soft milk with my fingers and massage my face and neck to help remove any daily impurities. You can apply it gently with a cotton pad. Do not rub your face, this fantastic milk removes everything softly. I love the light consistency and nice light floral fragrance. My skin is soft and clean and the most important: hydrated.

After cleaning my face with Fine Flowers Milk I wipe my face and neck with Fine Flowers Toner. This product is better as other toners because it has thicker consistency. It is easier to apply on a cotton pad. Leaking or applying too much liquid is impossible. Fine Flowers Toner has nice floral fragrance as well.
After cleaning my totally clean looking face I am always wondering how dirty the cotton pad becomes. It is very important to clean your face every evening and morning before applying your moisturisers and serums. Creams cannot absorb and impact when there are impurities in pores.

L’Oreal Fine Flowers Milk and Toner leaves my skin perfectly hydrated and soft so I can concentrate on wrinkle elimination and youth activation. I can put on youth serums before bed and do not need to worry about extra hydration. Of course I wake up with better looking and younger looking face.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Matte is More

L’Oreal Paris La Belle Famille review panel treated me with two full size lipsticks, because they know I am crazy about lip sticks.

I have got two lipsticks from the Color Riche Matte Addiction range to try. Yeah these are so addictive!

I have light blue eyes so my first choice was colour 101 Candy Stiletto. I love to use pink make up because it harmonises with my naturally pale colours. I love Candy Stiletto it is bold and notable but only in good way. I am happy to use this colour with my everyday makeup. I love this lipstick because it is enriched with camelia oil and moisturises my dry lips. Color Riche Candy Stiletto is very comfortable to wear and it is long lasting. Pure soft pigments ensure intense and crack free colour. I love to use this lipstick even on my cheeks instead of blusher when I am in hurry. I use lighter colours during winter months and reds on my naturally tanned face.

Plum also harmonises with my blue eye. I used lots of deep purple and plum colours in my teenage years so I feel using Color Riche Matte Addiction Plum Tuxedo (463) a little bit nostalgic. I am very happy with my colour choice. Plum Tuxedo is mostly my party lipstick because it has perfect, bold and dark coverage. I mix it with a lip balm for lighter colour at daytime.

L’Oreal Color Riche Matte Addiction lipstick cases look so good and sophisticated I was in love with them at first sight.

How to create the perfect matte pout:

-Exfoliate your lips for a smooth finish before applying lip colour

-Apply a matching Color Riche lipliner to define your lip shape (on my shopping list)

-Apply Color Riche Matte Addiction all over the lips – for the best result use lip brush